What I’m About

I believe too many people lack some perspective in life.  Never thinking “big picture” and often fail to rationally think about issues that impact everybody not just in this country but worldwide..  Instead they react quickly, take on a knee jerk emotional reaction and that then becomes their ideology.

My goal is to take an outside look at some issues.  To shed light on a way of thinking most may never realize was there.  I live with a belief that just because it sounds right or fair doesn’t necessarily mean that it is.

My viewpoints will not always be politically correct nor agreed upon by everyone who reads what I write.  I promise though you’ll never read something I write where I don’t support my stance on the issue.

Hope everyone enjoys!

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  1. Just found you on FB.

    You are doing a great job. Thanks!!!

    • Awesome thank you. It’s a new page and blog so there’s still a lot to cover and much to do. Share as much of our stuff as you like, we always appreciate the support! Thanks again!

  2. coming onboard,, like what I see so far

  3. Hey Allen, fantastic stuff here! I’ve added a link to your blog on my social commentary site THAT TIME IS NOW! (www.christopherscottsarno.blogspot.com). Hope it brings you some new readers … keep up the great work.

  4. I really like it here. Looking forward to reading more…

  5. Nice blog. Keep up the good work! I’ve bookmarked ROC in my “blogs and politics” section.

  6. Just checked out this site, and your FB page..going to like! Like what I have read so far!

  7. Hey, I am a little older and I had to get my daughter (12) to show me how to use Twitter. But I figured out how to get lots of followers. Contact me @ onthesamephrase@gmail.com

  8. I have just finished reading all of your posts. WOW. It is refreshing to hear such progressive ideas. Looking forward reading future ones. Please keep up the great views. your views remind me of Tony Campolo. author of Red Letter Christians.

  9. Been looking for good info to combat right wing zelotry..Thanks for ever in your debt.

  10. Greed and Jesus-wow-spot on! keep up the good work!!!

  11. Weneedbettereducation

    Love it

  12. Thanks for the great post. This is precisely the type of article we love to do on mootmagazine.com. Hope to see more from you. Fighting the right wing is our mission!

  13. Been following your posts on Facebook becoming a fan!! We agree on many issues!
    I hope you consider writing for IndieMusicNews.com? think your a great fit!
    cheers IMN

  14. Is there a way to subscribe to your blog via email? I just see the feeder/reader thingy.

  15. “I believe too many people lack some perspective in life. Never thinking “big picture.'”

    Sounds like you fit that category quite well.

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